#30 tebowing in baseball now

I’m back after my week off and I want to talk about Tim Tebow wanting to play baseball now. I’m not exactly sure where it came from but it’s interesting so let’s talk about it. It’s probably just a gimmick to grab some headlines but it’s still intriguing to me.

First when he played football he was listed at 6’3″ 240 lbs. Don’t know how much he weighs now but I’m pretty sure he didn’t shrink so he’s probably 6’3″. Now that we know he’s got the size to play let’s talk about if he can actually play. If he stuck with baseball I actually think he would’ve been a pretty high draft pick back in 2005. He hit .494 (!) as a junior in high school. But hasn’t played baseball since so can he still play 10 years later? I don’t know however I saw a video of him hitting in a cage and he has a quick swing. But then again everybody can look good in a cage the real test will come when someone throws a curveball at him. If you remember his football career he can run (for a quarterback) so he’ll probably be an outfielder. Based on his high school scouting report he has the potential to be a 5-tool player.

Lastly I have to say it’s sad to see Prince Fielder retire for medical reasons. I hope the big vegetarian finds happiness outside of baseball.


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