#29 trade deadline talk

Before I get to writing I have to say that I will be taking Thursday off because I will be heading out of town. I can’t guarantee that I’ll write again next Tuesday but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. There’s a couple things I want to talk about today so this post will be split. First I want to write about the Red Sox calling up one of their (many) top prospects, outfielder Andrew Benintendi. The other is how I believe the Yankees won the trade deadline.

I’m not going to write the whole post about Andrew Benintendi just a quick paragraph. So Benintendi is getting the call Tuesday to be the Red Sox starting left fielder against right handers. Because he’s a left handed hitter that’s where he’ll start for now. Eventually he’ll end up as the starting left fielder regardless of the opposing pitcher. Benintendi easily one of my favorite prospects, he’s only 5’10” 170 pounds but has one of the quickest bats in the minors. His bat will definitely play in the major leagues.

The majority of people say the Rangers were the winners of the trade deadline because the got Jonathan Lucroy and Carlos Beltran. But not me, I actually think the Yankees were the winners at the deadline even though they were “sellers”. Lets go back to Chapman trade a week ago, the Yankees received 19 year old shortstop Gleyber Torres (#24 prospect on with another top 100 prospect in outfielder Billy McKinney. Now over the weekend they trade Andrew Miller to the Indians for the #22 prospect, 21 year old outfielder Clint Frazier who just so happens to have bat speed comparable to Mike Trout, also they got another top 100 prospect in that deal. They also got right hander Dillion Tate, a top 5 pick just a couple years ago, in the Beltran deal. Recap: they got 4 top 100 prospects for two relievers. Winning.


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