#28 Sale on jerseys

This has got to be one of the more bizarre stories of the weekend. I couldn’t really write about it on Monday because of the Chapman trade it just had to wait a couple days. I’ll just say Chris Sale was supposed to start Saturday night but was a late scratch. The reason well make you scratch your head.

Like I said Chris Sale was scheduled to start on start on Saturday it also happened promo night (giveaway usually) for the White Sox. The first x amount of fans in the stadium received the same throw back jersey the Sox were wearing. Apparently Chris Sale was a special case and didn’t want to wear throw backs on “his day”. I don’t care if you’re Clayton Kershaw just because you’re the starter that day it doesn’t make your day. Anyway while the rest of the team was taking bp he snuck back to the clubhouse and cut up the jerseys. Not just his jersey everybody’s jersey, just because he didn’t want to wear these particular throw backs because they’re “uncomfortable to pitch in”. And when I say he cut them up I mean he literally took scissors to every jersey. That is incredibly childish if you ask me. Instead of just asking the manager if they can just push him back a day he cuts up his teammates jerseys. MLB central on MLB network laid it out perfectly, one of the hosts came out Monday in a cut up suit, he said “well I didn’t feel like wearing a suit today” the other host told him “it’s your job you have to”. News flash Chris Sale you get paid millions of dollars to play a game you will wear whatever you’re told the White Sox are your employer. Lost a lot of respect for Sale after this.


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