#27 Chapman deal

First I should say I’m not feeling 100% today so if this post is shorter than usual I apologize right now. Plenty of stuff happened in baseball yesterday, top prospects Alex Bregman (Astros), David Dahl (Rockies), and Braden Shiply (D-backs) all made their debuts last night. I could write about any one of them today but they weren’t the biggest story of the day. The Yankees (finally) traded Aroldis Chapman to a contender they’ve been “rumored” to be trading him for months. The Cubs were the team that gave up the talent the Yanks desired.

The exact trade was Aroldis Chapman to the Cubs for 4 prospects including the Cubs number 1, 19 year old shortstop Gleyber Torres. Granted the Cubs do not need a shortstop anytime soon but to give up someone who was compared to a young Adrian Beltre when Torres was signed 3 years ago for a reliever seems like a steep price to pay if you ask me. The Cubs also gave up another top 100 prospect, the sweet swinging lefty Billy McKinney, like I said I think the Cubs gave up a little much for a rental piece. Look at the Cubs point of view though, the playoffs are right around the corner and they might face the Nationals with Daniel Murphy and Bryce Harper. So bottom of the 8th, bases loaded 1 out Cubs up by 1, Harper and Murphy coming up. Bring in Chapman to face the leftys and get the 5 out save. Who better to pitch that big moment than the only closer that throws 105 mph?


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