#26 see Trea run

I was racking my brain all morning about what to write about today and, no surprise, I came up with nothing. I was just going to take a mental day off but then I got an idea late in the morning. The Nationals were playing a day/morning game today and Trea Turner was the starting second baseman, he gave me a good idea.

Trea Turner was the second baseman and lead off hitter for the Nats today. In his first at bat he hit a ground ball to shortstop which he beat out, that part didn’t surprise me I knew he was fast it was HOW fast he ran. He ran down the line at 22.7 mph, I’ll say it again he ran twenty-two miles per hour. Horses run 25-30 mph just to put it in perspective. I think with that showing of elite speed he cemented himself as the Nats new lead off hitter. The regular lead off hitter, Ben Revere, is only hitting in the low .220’s. Both are lighting fast but right now Trea Turner looks to be the better hitter. Turner a shortstop by trade has the tools to become an everyday utility player. Murphy needs a rest, he’s a second baseman, Rendon needs a rest, he’s a third baseman for the day. Center field? He can play that too. Since Zimmerman is injured, Murphy slides over to first base so Turner can be the everyday second baseman. Just my opinion Dusty Baker might think differently.


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