#25 another pitcher for DC

I’m back. And today I want to write about another pitching prospect that will debut tonight for the Washington Nationals. His name is Reynaldo Lopez and he was in the futures game blowing 100 mph gas by people. So he’s the “next one up” for the Nats as they take on the Dodgers tonight.

The 22 year old pitcher is only 6′ 180 pounds but that doesn’t stop him from throwing a good fastball. Reynaldo Lopez throws an easy mid-upper 90’s fastball that can touch triple digits. He couples the good fastball with a plus power curveball. He’s change up is nothing special right now but it has the potential to get better. I personally don’t see him as a starter with the weapons he possesses Lopez could make one hell of a reliever. But everybody compares an undersized hard throwing pitcher to Pedro Martinez so there’s that. I think Pedro was special and I don’t see Reynaldo Lopez having a Pedro-like career. But he definitely has top of the rotation stuff so might as well bring him up and try him as a starter and if it doesn’t work then put him in the bullpen maybe he’ll be like Wade Davis then. He’s going to be a starter tonight for sure and my prediction is 5 innings 4 runs 4 walks and 5 strikeouts.


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