#24 all star week

First and foremost I will be taking next week off for the all star break, no baseball means not much for me to talk about. Today I plan on writing about the futures game, the home run derby, and the all star snubs. Just my two cents about the upcoming all star break.

I’ll start with the futures game. In case you didn’t know the futures game is basically the all star game of prospects through all levels of the minors. I love this game every year I make sure to record/watch it. And I’ll talk about the game after it but before all I can tell you about is who I’m excited to see in the game, and that is Astros shortstop Alex Bregman. The 22 year old was the second overall pick just last year. The shortstop from LSU didn’t look all that impressive to so I was a little surprised to see him go number 2. But he’s hit an impressive .308 with 18 homers in the minors so far this season.

Now the home run derby. Now I have absolutely no clue who will be in it yet. What I do know is that it’ll be in San Diego so my pick to win it, if he’s in it of course, is home town boy Wil Myers.

Now I don’t really have a full list of all star snubs but I do have one. And that one is Starling Marte the Pirates outfielder. I know he’s been injured on and off throughout the year but he’s hitting .320 with 25 steals. He’s a final vote candidate so he might get in regardless but I still think the numbers he’s putting up is all star worthy.


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