#23 Ramos should be an all star

The fact that Wilson Ramos is not the leading vote getter for NL catcher is just a shame. The all stars are going to be revealed tonight and I’m not 100 percent sure that Wilson Ramos will be one so I’m going to make a case for him. It’s too late, I know voting has ended but doesn’t mean I can’t make a last minute effort for people to know he should be in.

In case you don’t know who Wilson Ramos is he is the catcher for the Nationals. Now that that’s out of the way, he is hitting an absurd .340 with 13 homers and 46 rbis. For a catcher that’s just crazy talk, he’s the second leading hitter in the NL. The Nats literally have the two top hitters in the league, Daniel Murphy (1) and Wilson Ramos (2), and neither are starters for the all star game. At least as far as I know. He has always had the power to hit in the middle of the order but this offseason he had lasik eye surgery which greatly improved his hand eye coordination. Which explains the sudden rise in average, he was usually .250-.260 hitter with the good power. Then he had the lasik surgery and now his vision is 20/20 and his strikeout rate has been cut in half and his walk rate has doubled. Buster Posey is good and is a deserving all star but I believe Wilson Ramos should be the starter period. It’s a shame that because Ramos isn’t widely known like Posey or Molina he might not even make it to the all star game.


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