#22 yet another ace in DC

How could I not write about Lucas Giolito finally getting called up? Granted it’s probably going to be a short lived call up because he’s mainly up because of the Stephan Strasburg injury. Now before I get into it I have to say that I will be taking Thursday off but I promise I’ll be back next Tuesday.

The number 1 prospect in baseball just happens to be a National and just happens to be facing the Mets tonight. Lucas Giolito is the number 1 prospect in baseball for good reason, at 6’6″ 255 pounds he’s a tall drink of water out there. He’s debut tonight is being talked about in a wide circle so I assume people already know about it by now. So I’ll just give my two cents I’ll try not to ramble on. Lucas Giolito could be an even better version of Noah Syndergaard, has an elite fastball (80/80 on the 20-80 scale) like Syndergaard but Giolito has a way better curveball. Giolito even has a plus change up Syndergaard doesn’t really possess a change up. Upper 90’s with a great curveball who does that remind you of? That’s right Stephen Strasburg. Now over the years Stras has taken a couple mph off his fastball to improve his change up. Now Strasburg has 3 elite pitches so can we expect the same from Giolito? We’ll see but I should mention Strasburg has better control at this point in his career. So can we expect a 14 strikeout Strasburg type debut from Giolito? It’s possible but I see him going 6 innings striking out 8 while walking 3.


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