#21 the NL east

Today I just want to write about the Mets and the stupid people who picked them to win the east. In case you didn’t know I am a Nats fan so I’m a little biased, I admit it.

It goes without saying that I didn’t think the Mets were going to win the NL east. I’ve been right about the majority of the Met players except Matt Harvey’s slow start, he looks like he’s turned around the last couple weeks though. Jacob DeGrom just has a nice fastball I knew eventually the league was going to figure how to beat him, I saw his struggles coming from a mile away. You don’t just come through a system as shortstop then switch to pitcher and all of a sudden you’re a top 10 pitcher in the majors that’s not how it works. The league will adjust to you and figure you out I wouldn’t say DeGrom was getting “lucky” for his first year and a half but it was like they didn’t have a legitimate book on him yet. The good ones can adjust back and that’s yet to be seen from DeGrom. Noah Syndergaard is the polar opposite of DeGrom, he’s a big guy and was a top prospect that just looks like a major league pitcher. What I like about Syndergaard, again the opposite of DeGrom, is that he made an adjustment before the batters did. Well not really an adjustment but he added a little slider/cutter to keep people off his 99 mph fastball. And now he’s probably injured and heading for Tommy John surgery, not surprised. The Nationals fell apart during the last couple months of the season last year and the Mets took advantage, I already forgot about it. I know they have Yoeninis Cespedes again this year but I don’t see them climbing back any time soon. They got swept by the Braves…


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