#20 Chicago has a new backstop

First and foremost I’m sorry I didn’t post on Thursday I decided to take a last minute road trip to see my brother play ball. Today I want to write about the new catcher for the Cubs, Willson Contreras. He’s an intriguing prospect and I know a lot of Cub fans so I planned on writing about him when he finally got the call anyway.

If you watched Sunday night baseball on ESPN then you saw the standing ovation Willson Contreras got going to the plate for his first career at bat. I personally was wondering why they were cheering so loud for a 50th ranked prospect, he’s not a Kris Bryant or anything, but I didn’t care too much. And after the applause ended first pitch homer. You can’t dream it up any better than that. I mean just wow. Anyway I found out that Contreras is now the “starter”. It’s in quotations because it’s still the Cubs and Joe Maddon so him being the starter means he’ll maybe catch 3 or 4 times a week. He just turned 24 so he’s still young and considered the catcher of the future I thought Schwarber was still trying to be the future catcher but if this kid can prove he can handle the pitching staff then Schwarber is SOL. Contreras is a converted infielder so he’s just average defensively but that’s actually a tick better than Schwarber. The power is the key tool for Schwarber while hitting for average is where Willson Contreras will shine. He hit .333 in AA in 2015 then he hit .350 in AAA before his call up. Just imagine next year the catching combo of Willson Contreras and Kyle Schwarber. Need I say more?


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