#19 MLB draft

As promised this post will be my review of the MLB draft. I’m exited about this because talking about prospects is right up my alley. So I’ll just talk about some of the kids that caught my eye during the draft.

You can’t write about the draft and not mention the first overall pick. The Philadelphia Phillies took a high school outfielder from California, Mickey Moniak. Moniak, 18, is a really good looking kid, right now he can spray line drives all over the field and at 6’2″ 190 he has some room to grow so those line drives could eventually turn into homers. He wasn’t taken number 1 overall just because he has a nice swing he also possesses above average speed which could keep him in center field for the long term. If I had to throw a player comp out there right now it’d probably be Christian Yelich. I personally don’t believe Mickey Moniak was the best player out there but put yourself in the Phillies shoes, you have the first pick in the country you have to at least get an all star out of it, Moniak was the safe pick in my opinion.

Now my favorite prospect throughout the draft was easily Mercer outfielder Kyle Lewis. The Seattle Mariners got an absolute steal by getting the 20 year old Lewis at number 11. At 6’4″ 195 Lewis has easy power to all fields, not just a power hitter he has an above average hit tool as well. Now I wouldn’t call him slow at all but the scouts have him listed as an average runner (that’s what they said about Carlos Correa too) he looks like an above average runner to me. Some scouts say he can stay in center but if he can’t switch him to a corner where his bat plays better. Now for his player comp I have to take you back a couple years, Kyle Lewis reminds me of a young Andruw Jones.

Onto the interesting case of Delvin Perez. The Puerto Rican shortstop stands 6’3″ and was considered a top 10 prospect pre draft and could even go number 1. Days before the draft he failed a drug test. What kind of 17 year old tests positive for steroids? Well it really hurt him, he went from a potential number 1 overall to falling all the way down to number 23. The St. Louis Cardinals felt like at 23 Perez was a risk worth taking. Don’t really have a comp for him because I didn’t pay too much attention to him. His bat isn’t much to brag about but he has the arm, glove, and speed to stay at shortstop but he’s a wildcard.


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