#18 the Philadelphia Phillies are on the clock

The title is pretty self explanatory but for those that don’t know, the MLB first year player draft is tonight and Philadelphia has the first pick. Now I plan on writing in depth about the draft on Tuesday so today will just be a quick look at the draft. Who I think we’ll be number one and stuff. And just to make sure I get a full post I’ll mention a couple of stories going around the majors.

The Philadelphia Phillies have the first pick and in my opinion they already have a pretty good farm system. So I doubt they’re legitimately hunting down the first pick saying “if we don’t get this kid our future is shot.” Now in my opinion I think they’ll take the college OF Kyle Lewis from Mercer. I had no idea where Mercer was but apparently it’s a small college in Georgia. Not really a big baseball school but that’s the beauty of baseball, it doesn’t matter if you’re D1 or D2 or some random high school, if you can play you can play period. I’ll talk more about Lewis on Tuesday.

The Nationals have scored 10+ runs in the last 3 games. Surprisingly Bryce Harper 7 hits in those 3 games. Did I say surprisingly? I meant to say no duh. It’s pretty obvious that when Bryce Harper hits the Nats could score a boat load of runs. It’s no surprise that Harper is struggling as of late and its mainly because his chasing pitches outside of the zone because he doesn’t know how many pitches he’ll actually see that game. So trust me when Bryce Harper figures it out (when not if) the Nats are going to be a powerhouse offense.


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