#16 who’s playing second in Chicago?

First off I have to apologize for not writing on Tuesday I didn’t feel 100%. Today I want to talk about the Cubs new second baseman, Ben Zobrist. I don’t think it was a great signing for the Cubs but I’ll admit he’s playing good right now.

As of right now he’s hitting .339 with 7 homers and 35 rbis. Those of course are very good numbers for a second baseman like Zobrist. Right now he’s also the starting second baseman for the NL all star team this year now I don’t know why he’s getting more votes than the .400 hitter in DC (Daniel Murphy) but it doesn’t matter they’ll both probably make the all star team. Now I’m sure Cubs fans won’t appreciate me bagging on one of their better players right now that’s why I started by saying how he’s playing good. He’s over-performing by a lot. The power is just a little over what he usually does on average I believe he hits somewhere between 15-20 homers per season. Now he’s average is way up from the usual I honestly don’t think he’s ever even hit over .300 in a season, I don’t know that for sure haven’t looked up his career numbers just basing it off what I’ve seen in the past. Let me say this he’s an all star, I love Ben Zobrist he’s just average across the board nothing too special but when you can do every single thing at an average level that makes you a very good player. He’s not going to to win a MVP or a gold glove but he’s going to nickel and dime the opposition all day and give you a good at bat every time he’s up there.


4 thoughts on “#16 who’s playing second in Chicago?

  1. It’s amazing the kind of player Daniel Murphy has become. It’s as if he used last season’s playoff performance as a springboard to become the kind of player we always thought he should be when he was a Met.


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