#15 great to see Yu

I’ve been planning to write about Yu Darvish’s season debut since the season started. We haven’t seen the Rangers ace in over a year because of Tommy John and I’m pretty excited about it. Now his first start won’t come until Saturday but this is my last post before then so I’m going to dedicate this post to him.

Before I get to Darvish I have to mention a top prospect who got the call this morning. I found out at about 9:30 this morning that the Dodgers have called up their top prospect Julio Urias. The left hander got the call to “debut” Friday vs the Mets, I put debut in quotations because all I’ve heard is that he’ll pitch Friday haven’t heard that he’ll start however I assume that he will start after all he is a starting pitcher. The lefty is 4-1 with a 1.10 era at AAA this year and he has a 44 to 8 strikeout to walk ratio. He has never thrown over 87 innings in his minor league career and he’s already at 41 innings this year so just keep that in mind. Oh yeah he’s only 19.

There isn’t too much to say about Yu Darvish except that he will be starting on Saturday. During his rehab starts he was sitting easy in the mid 90’s touching 97. For somebody coming off Tommy John surgery that is actually a terrific sign. When you look at Darvish with one of the best k/9 ratios in history and if his fastball (and everything else) is back watch out because he’ll be back to his “striking everybody out” self in no time. He’ll probably only make around 22-23 starts the rest of the season so there more than likely won’t be a strict innings limit on him like most Tommy John patients.


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