#14 the surging Red Sox

Today I want to write about how well the Boston Red Sox are doing. And by the way I totally picked them to win the AL east, but then again I think the majority also did. I also want to write about Jackie Bradley Jr, I call him JBJ, and his notorious “streak” that he’s on right now.

So the Red Sox come into the night at 27-17 and tied for first with the Baltimore Orioles in the AL east. Honestly I’m not too interested in the Red Sox team but they changed their approach at the plate and I really want to talk about it. And when I say they changed their approach I don’t mean one or two guys, no the entire team changed and I love it. The Red Sox are a good hitting team of late and I think the change in approach is a big reason why. So the entire Boston team is seeing less pitches per at bat (don’t know the exact number but I think it’s around 3.5 pitches) which means they’re going and attacking the pitcher right away. Usually the plan for most teams is to work the count get the starters pitch count up and get him out of the game but why? Everybody in bullpen nowadays throw 97+ and has better stuff (usually) than the starter. Not to mention the “situational” pitchers that every bullpen has that comes in and can get a certain batter out almost every time. I think this new approach can lead to big time success and no better example than JBJ. Jackie Bradley Jr is in the middle of a 27 game hit streak and he looks impressive. This actually dates back to last season but I want to write about his adjustments and how he went from a nobody to a somebody. It’s actually a pretty simple adjustment to make and when you have talent, like JBJ, you go from just a player with potential to a potential superstar. JBJ was just a player with potential and got some playing time in the majors because of his gold glove defense in center field but when you hit under .200 it doesn’t matter how good your defense is. Before he was a guy who had no stride, basically pulling his heel up then put it back down then swing, then all of a sudden he started with this big leg kick. A lot like Mike Trout from the left side and then it was like flipping a switch for JBJ he could now see the ball better he was able to start shooting the ball all over the yard and with good power. He was a former first round pick for a reason it just took some time to get him right. Watch out for Jackie Bradley Jr he’s starting to find himself at the plate.


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