#12 Odor’s big KO

It just so happens that I’ll be writing about Rougned Odor today and it’s my 12th post of the year which is his number. I promise I didn’t do it on purpose I didn’t know he was going to knock Jose Bautista’s block off over the weekend. If you haven’t seen it yet you should probably look it up it’s a good punch. And no he didn’t really knockout Bautista but it was a clever title.

Before I get to the fight on Sunday let’s go back to the playoffs last year, Jose Bautista’s bat “flip” incident and I’ll try not to get too carried away. So back in the playoffs Jose Bautista hit a big time homer for the Blue Jays and saying he flipped his bat is a huge understatement. He hits it, just stands there, then he stares down the pitcher, then literally throws his bat at the other teams dugout. I have seen interviews with big time bat flippers, like David Ortiz, saying that Bautista did take it too far. If he threw his bat at the Blue Jays dugout instead of the Rangers then I wouldn’t think it was such a big deal. Anyways back to Sunday so Bautista gets hit by a pitch everybody knew it’d happen eventually so it’s not a big deal. He took it and just jogged down to first didn’t say anything no biggie. Next hitter ground ball, an easy double play, the ball was tossed to Rougned Odor, turned it quick enough but Bautista slid kind of dirty into second. My guess is that all was said was Odor saying “that was a dirty slide” and instead of Bautista just going back to the dugout after breaking up the double play he takes a step towards Odor and it was a mistake. Being the quick little second baseman he is punched Bautista after a little push it was clearly a big hit because it knocked his helmet and sunglasses off. Then the other players got involved and the fight was pretty much over that quick. And the people complaining that it was just a little sucker punch no watch it again. Bautista was cocking his fist back and was about to take a swing at Odor but he was just too slow get over it.


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