#11 Stras’s new deal/Max dominates

No clever title this time, couldn’t really think of anything to write a full post about so I’m just jamming a couple stories together to make a full post. I’m just going to mention Stephen Strasburg’s new extension with the Nats then Max Scherzer’s 20 k’s last night against the Tigers.

On Monday the news broke that Stephen Strasburg will be staying in Washington long term. It was literally right in the middle of his start against the Tigers. Stras’s 7 year 175 million dollar extension is by far the largest for a post Tommy John pitcher. It came as a big surprise to most of the “experts”, however to me it was just kind of a surprise. I knew Stras was going to sign back in DC, once the Nats let Jordan Zimmermann walk last year I knew without a doubt they’d resign Strasburg, but signing this early was odd especially for a Scott Boras client. Scott Boras usually takes his clients all the way to free agency, if you follow baseball you probably know who Boras is and (like me) are probably not a big fan of his. With how Strasburg is pitching this year in his walk year and how Boras is it was a little surprising that he signed this early. Without Strasburg being the big name on the free agent market this offseason it means that an ace pitcher will more than likely be traded.

If you watch sports center or MLB network I’m pretty sure you already know Max Scherzer absolutely killed it last night. Tying the strikeout record with 20 in one game, the 5th pitcher to ever do that. So I went to Max Scherzer’s previous start in Chicago and before the game I was telling my cousins and uncle that I predict Scherzer to throw a no hitter. I know it sounded a little far fetched but I was 100 percent serious. Based on his previous few starts it looked like Scherzer was starting to settle into his groove like he did last year. He gave up 4 home runs that day against the Cubs so I was obviously wrong about that particular game but 1 start later he strikes out 20 that’s got to count for something right? Congratulations mad Max.


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