#10 Harper’s walk-a-thon

I just have to write about what happened to Bryce Harper over the weekend series with the Cubs. It was a little nuts for the beginning of May if you ask me but hey the Cubs won all four games so who am I to argue. First let me just clear up what happened last night. So Harp struck out on a high pitch early in the game that he thought was a ball and turned and snapped at the umpire. In my opinion if you’re going to throw out a player then throw him out while he’s arguing balls and strikes not while the entire dugout is chirping at you for making another questionable call. Instead he singles out Harper and throws him out of the game. That part I didn’t really get. The part that Bryce Harper will probably get fined for is when Clint Robison hit a walk off he came back onto the field to celebrate with the team and yelled “choice words” at the ump and well you can’t do that. I’d just mark it up to heat of the moment he’ll more than likely just get fined.

The Cubs walked Bryce Harper 13 times during the series. 13! And 6 times on Sunday. You know the Barry Bonds treatment. He had 3 official at bats the entire series and he ended up going 0-3. Those 3 at bats came during the Friday game against John Lackey and he struck out 2 of those 3 at bats. Harper said after the game (and I second it because I was there) that if he didn’t swing at all he would’ve been walked 4 times. And if that was the case he wouldn’t of swung the entire game/series. That is 100% true I’m sure that is exactly what would’ve happened. That’s a big reason why Harper’s only hitting .260 right now, he’s chase rate has been higher than usual you can tell he’s struggling on the choice whether to walk or stretch the zone so he can at least swing a couple times. Maybe I should go out and buy a rubber chicken so I can wave it every time they intentional walk him, and him being intentional walked with the bases loaded is going to happen this year.


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