#9 wining in Washington

It’s been about a month and I haven’t dedicated a post to my team yet, I think today would be the perfect time. The Nationals are on a 4 game winning streak so why not write about how good they’re doing. But first I will be going out of town this Thursday so I will be unable to write on Thursday but I will for sure be back next Tuesday.

I promise not to talk too much about Bryce Harper, he’s kind of in a rough patch right now anyways. NL player of the month that’s all I got to say. Honestly the Nationals winning right now has actually very little to do with Harper it is largely (if not fully) because of their pitching. They easily have the best team era in baseball. I’m not going to mention every single pitcher that’s pitching good for the Nats right now because that’d take too long and no one wants that. I just want to talk about two starters, Gio Gonzalez and Stephen Strasburg. Let’s talk about Gio first. So he has slowed down his mechanics a lot to the point where he looks like he did back in 2012 when he won 21 games. All that changed is that he stopped trying to strike out everybody and now he’s pitching to contact and getting a lot more ground balls in the process. Watch out Gio might have a great year. Now onto Strasburg, this year he’s 4-0 with a 2.25 era. A big part of his success is that he incorporated the slider. He started throwing the slider at the beginning of last year but gave it up because there was really no need for it. He still had the 97 mph fastball with the great curveball so why worry about a high 80’s slider? Last year it was just a pitch he had and this year it’s a major pitch in his arsenal. So far so good Strasburg might be the Cy Young winner he was projected as.


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