#8 the power of Thor

I said on Tuesday that I was planning on writing about Noah Syndergaard but my plans were changed at the last second. It was just pushed back a couple days so I’m going to spend today writing about Noah Syndergaard and his hot start. In case you didn’t know Noah Syndergaard’s nickname is Thor mainly because he looks like him with the long blonde hair and being tall and in great shape. That’s where the title comes from.

He’s off to one of the the hottest starts in baseball and there a reason for it so I’m going to dive into it a little bit. He’s already 2-0 with a 1.69 and 38 k’s and the under 1 WHIP means under 1 baserunner per inning. A big part of Thor’s early success is that he’s incorporated a new slider/cutter. It’s 91-94 mph with little break so it’s not really a slider it’s more of a cutter. But regardless of what you call it, it’s doing its job and keeping hitters off his 98 mph heater. Much like Jake Arrieta in Chicago, the cutter isn’t really their strikeout pitch but it’s something the hitters won’t hit too hard plus it makes the fastball look better. Would I say it’s Noah Syndergaard’s best pitch? Of course not, he constantly hits 98-99 mph with his fastball. I wouldn’t say his curveball is great but it’s definitely not bad. So he takes the mound at 6’6″ 240 lbs pounding 98-99 inside then drops a decent 85 mph curveball after that he throws 94 mph cutter that you just miss and hit a week ground ball to second base. Yup I think that’s pretty good. Now Syndergaard is no Kershaw or anything but he’s looking pretty good right now. That being said I don’t see Syndergaard keeping this up all year, like Kershaw probably will, but him having a 15 win season with an under 3 era is not too much to ask. The right arm of Thor is looking pretty good for the Mets right now.


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