#7 a new Twin pitcher in town?

Like every blog day I spent the morning gathering my thoughts and figuring out what to write about that day. Today I was all set to write about Noah Syndergaard and why he’s off to a hot start, maybe an hour before I started writing I found out someone I really like is getting the call to the majors. So today I’m going to talk about Jose Berrios and how he can help the Twins this year now that he’s up. Maybe I’ll talk about Noah Syndergaard on Thursday.

The 21 year old right arm of Jose Berrios is (finally) getting a call up to the majors. He really deserved a September call up last year after leading the minor leagues in strikeouts but the Twins didn’t pull the trigger. At least this early in the year they’re actually calling him up its better than later in the year. He’s 2-0 with around a 1 era and 20 strikeouts in 17 innings. In other words he’s dominating down in AAA. He’s only 6 foot tall but his stuff plays a lot bigger than that, mid 90’s heater a plus curveball and a developing change up. Right now he has 2 plus pitches in the curveball and the fastball with a potential third in the change. He works hard and a very good athlete on the mound he should fit right into the MLB. I know I’ve wrote about Berrios a few times already so I’m trying not to sound like a broken record here. I just like the stuff he has and I think he’ll be a stud in the majors so someone you should keep an eye out for. He’s first start should come soon enough and my prediction is 6 innings 1 run and 7 k’s and 1 walk. Should be sound no matter who he faces.


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