#6 is it time to sell Sale?

Chris Sale is without a doubt one of the hottest pitchers in baseball right now. He’s already 4-0 with a 1.80 era this early in the the season. It’s obvious he’s hot right now but I don’t think he’ll finish the season in a White Sox uniform. So today I’m going to write about what happened this offseason and why I think Chris Sale might change uniforms this year.

Before his hot start and during the offseason something interesting happened and it made me think Chris Sale will be traded this year. The majority of people probably know about the drama that surrounded Adam LaRoche earlier this year. In case you don’t I’ll give you a quick summary. LaRoche was approached before spring training by the teams general manager, and was told not to bring his 14 year old son around all the time, and in turn LaRoche decided to retire. In my opinion there had to be some negotiations between the two sides before it got to that point but it doesn’t matter too much. So what does that have to do with Chris Sale? Glad you asked. So when the GM came down to the clubhouse to speak with Adam LaRoche about his son, either before or after I don’t know for sure, Chris Sale yelled at him (the GM) to “get out of here and never come back”. Might of thrown a F-bomb in there too. But either way you shouldn’t speak to the general manager of your team like that. That’s why I don’t think he’ll be a White Sox (or sock?) much longer. Yes, he’s without a doubt the ace of their staff and he’s probably their best player. But do you really want a player that buts heads with management like that? They have Carlos Rodon and Jose Quitana so they’ll be fine in the pitching department for the time being. But they’re not too strong position player wise in my opinion. So why not trade Chris Sale for some A+ prospects or something? Now I’m not saying it’s a guarantee he’ll be on the move but they thought about trading him before his incident with management. So his clash with the GM just might be the tipping point for his career in Chicago.


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