#5 Harper v Trout

Like Batman v Superman the new movie out? Don’t worry this won’t be a movie review just spoofing on the name. This post will be on one of my favorite subjects, Mike Trout and Bryce Harper and why they’re always mentioned together. But let me ask you this, should they actually be compared to one another? I’ll make my point as to why they shouldn’t be.

Before I get into this let me just say I am in no way a Mike Trout hater. Apparently my stance comes off as “hate” for Trout, I don’t hate him I actually like him quite a bit but I don’t consider him as great as others do. Not a hater just a realist. To answer the question I do not think Mike Trout is better than Bryce Harper. I’m a Harper fan so you can say I’m just biased, but it won’t be true I think they’re 4 players (including Harper) better than Trout. Let me explain why, baseball in general has seemed to forgotten the significance of striking out. If you get out by putting the ball in play there’s a chance you can beat the throw or the defense can make an error and you could be on base and perhaps score a run for your team. But if you strikeout you get to sit on the bench and watch someone else score runs. Strictly keeping this convo on Harper and Trout, Trout strikes out often Harper doesn’t. Through the 11-12 games they’ve played this year Bryce Harper is batting .341 while only striking out 4 times, Trout on the other hand has already struck out 14 times. Only hitting .230 too. This is not a post about who will have the better year and career for that matter I just want to simply shed light on Mike Trout’s strikeouts since I’m the only one. Mike Trout has ridiculous talent I totally get why he’s widely considered the best player in baseball but nobody is talking about his strikeout rate, it’s actually gotten better but it’s still pretty bad if you ask me. Bryce Harper is a true 5-tool player who doesn’t strikeout let that sink in. Contrary to what the “experts” say Mike Trout is not a 5-tool player (lousy arm only has 4 tools) and strikeouts way too much, so no I honestly do not consider Mike Trout the best player in baseball. And yes I really do consider Bryce Harper to be better than Trout.


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