#4 Trumbombs

Well today I couldn’t think of anything to write about and I mean absolutely nothing. So before I start talking about Mark Trumbo and his hot start I want to say sorry for the short post today. I promise I will have something to write about next Tuesday.

Like I said Mark Trumbo is off to a crazy hot start, hitting .406 with a couple homers for the Orioles. Surprisingly he even has a stolen base. Now I’m not saying he’s the reason the Orioles are winning but he’s hot start isn’t hurting anything. He’s first 9 hits were all singles and everyone was asking, “is something wrong with Trumbo?” “Where’s his usual power?” I can assure you his power is very much alive. He hit 2 “Trumbombs” during the Orioles series in Boston. In my opinion he’s average will drop a lot in the upcoming weeks but he will hit bombs like he usually does. People seem to have forgotten that Trumbo has hit 30 home runs and drove in 100 runs before. Back when he was still an Angel and 30 and 100 is not easy at all. Based on the lineup he’s in now I think he could easily do that again. With the addition of Trumbo this offseason it makes the Orioles lineup very deep. Oh you don’t want to face the left handed slugger Chris Davis? Ok you can face right handed slugger Mark Trumbo.


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