#3 is this the real year of the rookie?

Before I write about this years rookie class I want to mention a few major points after the first week. No one seems to mention this but the Nationals have only lost 1 game the same as the Cubs but yet they only talk about the Cubs. I know it’s only a week in but I can’t help but notice that they, ESPN and everyone else, seem to only talk about the teams that had serious hype coming into the year. The Orioles are the only undefeated team left in the MLB this year and yet I haven’t heard too much about them either. Rant over.

Again we’re only a week into the new season so I know not to get too caught up in the numbers within the first week. But this begs the question is this going to be the real year of the rookie? Last year was deemed the year of the rookie because we saw Carlos Correa, Kris Bryant, Noah Syndergaard, Kyle Schwarber, Fransisco Lindor, and that list goes on and on. But with the likes of Trevor Story, Tyler White, and Nomar Mazara already doing damage in the majors it just makes you wonder. The Colorado Rockies new shortstop, Trevor Story, blasted a league leading 7 homers in his first week in the majors. The Houston Astros first baseman, Tyler White, made the club out of spring and impressed this week by driving in 9 runs. Lastly the Texas Rangers right fielder, Nomar Mazara, who just got called up because of the injury to Shin Soo Choo but he ended up going 3-4 with a homer in his debut on Sunday. Last year was obviously a special year for rookies no question there but its just curious these rooks are hitting the ground running in the majors and it’s just the first week. There are some seriously talented prospects yet to make their debut. So will this year be the year of the rookie part 2? We shall see.


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