#2 a new star(lin) in New York?

Not to mislead anyone I do not think Starlin Castro is the new star for the New York Yankees, it’s just a title. With that out of the way, I will obviously be writing about Starlin Castro today and why some Yankee fans (it’s only 2 games in) think they have a new star player.

To say Starlin Castro is the new star for the Yankees is seriously jumping to conclusions. Seriously it’s only 2 games into the 162 game season, people start hot every year. Just calm your horses. The 7 rbis in those 2 games is obviously good but I would not even consider him a star. Is he playing good? Yes, very much so I just don’t like that the Yankee fans are deeming him their star player already. If you can’t tell it kind of bugs me. I believe I have already gave Starlin Castro a full post last year when he was on the Cubs so I’m not going to recite the whole post just a few bullet points. When he first got moved off shortstop by Joe Maddon and placed at second base, that seemed to be his wake up call (it’s actually pretty sad that it took so long). Started hitting better and playing better defense. When he came up he made such a splash, being a top 20ish prospect, having a 200 hit season right away. Things were looking good for Starlin, but then he kept doing the same thing over and over again while the pitchers saw him more and more and were figuring out how to get him out. On top of his bat declining he seemed to continue to get more and more lazy in the field. I’m not even a Cubs fan but most Cub fans would agree, trading him came about a half a year to a year too late. Maybe that’s just me. The move to second looks good for Castro, he looks like he’s playing like he did early in his career. So yes Yankee fans you can be excited about Starlin Castro already but please stop calling him a star so early into season.


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