NL award predictions

Last week was my predictions on who will win each division but this week will be my predictions for who wins the awards. And not every single award just the big 3, MVP, Cy Young, and rookie of the year. I will say my prediction to win the award and then I will mention a player to “watch”. By that I mean someone I think will have a good year and will be in the running.

First and foremost let’s start with the big one, MVP. With me being one of the biggest Bryce Harper fans out there I am 150 percent sure he’ll retain his title as MVP. Last year was a ridiculous year for Harper .330 average with 42 bombs. An unanimous MVP but you want to hear something weird? I don’t even think Bryce Harper has hit his ceiling yet. Think about it he put together that season when nobody else was hitting in that lineup, he was constantly being pitched around. So if he has some protection behind him and people get on base in front of him (the Nats offense will be better this year) what can he do? Not to mention he’s planning on stealing bases more this year he has the speed to steal 30+ but I don’t care too much about steals if he’s hitting bombs. My player to “watch” is Andrew McCutchen. I watch plenty of spring training games (I know it don’t matter much) and I’ve seen the Pirates play a few times and McCutchen looks great. If you remember last year Cutch got off to a really slow start but finished very strong. If he avoids the slow start the former MVP could win himself another.

Now onto Cy Young and this one might surprise people. I see Johnny Cueto winning it this year and here’s why. So Cueto didn’t pitch like himself last year he had some mechanical issues hopefully he ironed those out. It’s obvious he has the stuff to be an ace, 2011-14 (just scratch 2015 as a whole) his numbers were right there with Kershaw’s. He did all of it in a pure hitters park in Cincinnati now he’s in a pure pitchers park in San Francisco. And my pitcher to watch is the Nats Stephen Strasburg. He was injured in the first half then his mechanics were out of wack when he tried to pitch through the injury. When he came back from his second DL stint he was beyond lights out. In the final 10 or so starts Stras had an under 2 ERA with over 110 strikeouts and around 15 walks. That’s a crazy K/BB ratio so if he can put those numbers up all year Stephen Strasburg could easily win the Cy Young.

Finally the national league rookie of the year. My pick to win this year is Orlando Arcia a 21 year old shortstop for the Milwaukee Brewers. They traded Jean Segura this offseason to make room for this kid. He is a star in the making that’s for sure (#6 overall prospect in MLB) and now they made the room for him and I think he’s going to make a big splash this year. Arcia is a plus hitter (around .300) with about average power and a legitimate gold glove caliber shortstop. He can hit .270-.280 with 10 homers and 20 steals and that could be enough to win the ROY. Now my player to “watch” is everybody else’s “favorite” to win the award, Corey Seager. He impressed a lot of people in his debut last September enough to where he batted third for the Dodgers in the playoffs. Seager is impressive to me too he can hit over .300 in his first full year but he’s already gotten injured in spring training. So to me personally even though he’s an impressive hitter I’m not sold on him being able to stay healthy all year.


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