NL Preview

About that time again. The baseball season is so close I can taste it. Before I get into what I’ll be writing about today I just want to apologize to anyone who was waiting for me to say something about what was going on during the offseason. I figured it’s my only time off from this so I should take it. Now that that’s out of the way, this blog will continue to be just a Tuesday and Thursday thing. This week and next week will be my “preview” weeks, Tuesday being NL and Thursday the AL. Some may actually be surprised by my predictions.

Let’s start off with the NL west. My prediction is that the San Fransisco Giants will take the division. With the additions of Samardjza (I tried my best to spell it) and Cueto that makes them the team to beat in my opinion. They both had down years and the Giants got them at reasonable price I see bounce back years from both, Cueto more than Samardjza. Some may ask why not the Dodgers? I have heard many different GM’s (on tv of course) that the teams with fewer question marks are usually the winners. Is Joc Pederson going to bounce back? Is Yasiel Puig? Is Justin Turner going to perform at a high level? Is Corey Seager going to be healthy? Is the bullpen strong enough? I could go on but you get the point, just too many questions surrounding the Dodgers.

This might surprise people. But my pick to win the NL central is not the Cubs, which seems to be everyone’s favorite nowadays, but rather the Pirates. I like the Pirates pitching staff as a whole way more than I like the Cubs pitching. I honestly believe the Cubs had the opportunity to drastically improve the pitching but all they did was add John Lackey, who’s 39, could’ve got David Price or Zach Greinke. But nope decided to add to an already stable lineup instead, Cubs fans might get mad about this, but I think the Cubs are overhyped this year. Not to mention the Cubs are doing pretty awful in spring training, I know it doesn’t matter but it’s better to be good than bad in spring. And back to my question analogy the Pirates simply have less question marks than the Cubs.

This should come as no surprise to anyone but I pick the Nationals to win the NL east. I know “experts” pick the Mets but they only have good starting pitchers. I know they got Cespedes back but honestly that isn’t enough to say this offense is a threat. Cespedes had a good year last year but that was one year he’s good but not a consistent MVP caliber player. Especially now that he’s a center fielder I think he’s offense will dip and well all saw his defense in center during the World Series. Let’s not forget there is obviously a reason Cespedes gets traded so frequently. Question marks, Nats have less.

Now the 2 wildcard teams will be the Cubs and the DBacks. My heart really wanted to say the Cardinals would be the second wildcard team but I think the DBacks are just a tiny fraction better. DBacks already had a terrific offense but added Greinke and Shelby Miller to the rotation and Jean Segura at shortstop just might be enough to push them into the playoffs. Don’t sleep on the Cards with all the injuries last year they still won 100 games and they’ll still be in the hunt.


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