#74 last post of the season

To be honest I don’t know what to do with myself during the winter. I mean I watch football like most but I just get bored so easily during baseball’s offseason. I get weird during the offseason, I close my blinds, turn off everything, and just sit there cuddling my bat just waiting until they report for spring training.

I was right about this World Series being a quick series, the Royals are already up 2 games to none. I just didn’t see the Mets as a threat throughout the entire postseason even. I always considered them the under dog, Daniel Murphy obviously got hot at the right time and they kept winning good for them of course but I never considered them a great team that could beat anyone. I saw them play the Nats all year and more often than not they would be an easily beatable team. I do not see them having the fire power to come back from this but, and this is a big but, weird things happen in baseball.

Before I wrap this up there is one more thing I want to mention. After every scoring play for the Royals guess who was on the top step giving his brand new teammates high fives? The 20 year old Raul Mondesi Jr. That says loads about his character and leadership, this kid will be good just wait.


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