#73 World Series preview

Today I will write about the World Series, and then on Thursday will be my last post about this season. I will be going out of town next week and by the time I get back the World Series will be over. So I will just post these last two for the season then I will post periodically throughout the offseason when something big happens. Like when a big free agent signs somewhere or maybe when a team signs a new manager. Before I preview the entire World Series I just have to mention one thing. Raul Mondesi Jr. has been a prized shortstop prospect in the Kansas City system for a few years now. The 20 year old might make MLB history by being the first player to make his major league debut in the World Series. If I had to guess he’s probably just going to pinch run because he has some speed. But more than likely he’ll have to wait until next year before he gets the chance to start.

Unless you live under a rock you should probably know the World Series is between the Kansas City Royals and the New York Mets. They both won in the championship series pretty easily, the Mets swept the Cubs and the Royals beat the fan favorite Blue Jays. Let’s keep this simple, the Mets might have the better rotation but the Royals have them beat in bulpen, defense, speed, and offense. Unless Daniel Murphy keeps hitting like the born again Ted Williams I assume this will be a quick serious.


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