#72 Jose Bautista/Matt Williams

I was going through some of my old posts and I realized I haven’t talked about the Nats firing Matt Williams yet. I said before that I’m sure he will be fired but I haven’t talked about it since he actually was fired. Since it’s the big story today I’ll talk a little about Jose Bautista’s big homerun yesterday as well. Just so you know I’m not too positive about it. But before I get to those things I just got to say I will be taking next week off, I might be a little busy next week so I figured it’d probably be easier for me to just take it off.

Yesterday during the Rangers and Blue Jays game Jose Bautista hit a big homer and I have a bone to pick with him. In the bottom of the 7th Bautista launched a huge homer, after he hit it he admired his shot (no surprise) then stared at the pitcher, looking at Rangers dugout then did an exaggerated “bat flip”. I put bat flip in quotations because that’s what they’re calling it however it wasn’t even close to a flip. It was a bat throw more specifically a bat throw at the Rangers dugout and that’s where I have a problem with it. You want to be “that guy” that makes a big deal out of a 7th inning homer and stares down the pitcher fine go for it. You’ll probably get hit or a teammate will but hey I don’t care. But don’t throw your bat at the other dugout come on that’s not very classy dude, Bautista act like you’ve hit a homer before.

I fully believed Matt Williams would not be the Nationals manager next year. It wasn’t a surprise to me when he was fired a day after the season ended. He wasn’t the 2014 manager of the year anymore, he completely changed the way he managed a game. Obviously the Nats had a very talented team a lot of people picked them to make the World Series but fell well short of that. The team was very injury plagued throughout the season and that’s not the managers fault but everything else is mostly Williams’ fault. Last year Denard Span had 30+ steals, Desmond had 20+, Rendon (not that fast) had 17 but this year the team leader had around 15. There is a lot more he changed but that was the example that popped into my head. I’ve been saying this for awhile now but haven’t gotten it in writing yet, Cal Ripken Jr. Will be the next manager of the Washington Nationals.


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