#71 Chase Utley slide

Before I get to Utley I just want to mention how great these playoffs are. I don’t have a horse in the race so I’m not watching that closely but it’s still pretty interesting. The Royals vs the Astros and the Blue Jays vs the Rangers are both going to game 5. Plus in the NL the Cubs are facing off with the Cardinals, the long time regular season rivals. And then there’s the Dodgers and the Mets who no one cared about because no matter who advances they’re probably not getting any further than that. No one cared about it, that is until Chase Utley tackled someone or something.

Granted I really couldn’t care less about Chase Utley getting suspended. He made a hard slide into second to break up the double play, it resulted in Ruben Tejada being flipped into the air and ultimately breaking his leg. Utley has always been an aggressive player it’s nothing new he just made an aggressive slide. Was it a little excessive? Yes but I’ve seen worse. Let’s rewind it to a few weeks ago, Cubs vs Pirates in Pittsburgh. Chris Coglan was going in to break up the double play and ended up going out of his way to get the Pirates shortstop Jung Ho Kang. It broke Kang’ leg as well but did Coglan get boo’d and suspended? No he did not and in my opinion the Coglan’s slide was way worse than the Utley slide, because Kang wasn’t that close to the base yet Coglan still went after him. I’m not going to argue Chase Utley getting suspended, it was an excessive slide, but I don’t like the fact he was awarded second base after it was determined Tejada never touched the base. Utley never touched second either after he took out Tejada he just went straight to the dugout not even making an attempt to touch the base.


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