#70 Wildcard post game

I went 1-1 guessing the wildcard games. Not perfect but you know what I’ll take it. I picked the Astros in the American League and the Pirates in the National League. The ‘Stros won 3-0 on Tuesday night and the Cubs beat the Pirates 4-0 last night.

The Astros really never gave the Yankees a chance, complete domination. I personally didn’t think the Yankees had enough fire power to get it done anyway but I thought they’d at least score a run. Dallas Keuchel completely shut them down for 6 innings then the bullpen didn’t give them anything either. I’m not surprised Keuchel dominated nor am I surprised Tanaka gave up a couple of homers but I am surprised the Yankees couldn’t scrap together a single run.

My dad pointed something out last night after the game, I chose the Pirates to win because I’m a big Gerrit Cole fan. I didn’t see it but he was right I was just being a biased fan. Because in the AL wildcard I chose the Astros because Dallas Keuchel had better stats than Masahiro Tanaka. So why didn’t I apply that to the NL wildcard? I didn’t even think about it but I guess I was just being biased, I simply like Gerrit Cole more than Jake Arrieta. I choose the Pirates because I like Cole then Arrieta goes out and throws a complete game shutout. Joe Maddon is a really smart baseball manager, he knew the Cubs bullpen is a weak spot so he was going with Arrieta for the entire game regardless of pitch count. Hey I can admit when I’m wrong the Cubs beat Cole so good job and a good job to Jake Arrieta for the complete game shutout with 11 strikeouts.


3 thoughts on “#70 Wildcard post game

  1. Taylor says:

    All pitchers throw mistakes. Arrieta has been better at throwing pitches that hitters weren’t expecting. Even if a slider spins over the plate and hitter can be fooled if they were looking fastball. Part of that is Montero and Bosio. The Cubs are also built to maximize thwireless results from other trams pitchers mistakes, i.e. Schwarber smashing a bad breaking pitch.


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