#69 Wildcard preview

Today I’m going to preview the two wildcard games and on Thursday I will right about what happened in them. But before I get to those games I have to talk about Max Scherzer. He threw his second no hitter of the year on Sunday so I’m obviously going to talk about him. It’s pretty incredible to be honest with you, it hasn’t been done since Nolan Ryan. To be mentioned in the same sentence as Ryan is absolutely amazing for anyone. To top it off he threw it against the Mets, like I said for weeks now the Mets are beatable people are building them up in their heads because they beat the Nationals. The Mets scored 2 runs in 3 games this past weekend including being no hit by Scherzer. Congratulations to Max Scherzer and Wilson Ramos, who has caught both of Scherzer’s no hitters.

The AL wildcard game is tonight, it will be the Houston Astros against the New York Yankees. The game will be in New York so the Yankees will have home field advantage but that really doesn’t matter when the Astros are sending Dallas Keuchel to the mound. Keuchel has thrown 16 innings against the Yanks this year without allowing a run. The Yankees send Masahiro Tanaka to the mound to face the ‘Stros but when you think ace pitcher do you really think of a guy who is 12-7 with a 3.51 era? No you don’t, or at least you shouldn’t, you should think of the guy who’s 20-8 with a 2.48 era. In case you didn’t follow the first guy is Tanaka and the second guy is Keuchel. For that reason I pick the Astros over the Yankees tonight.

The NL wildcard will be the Chicago Cubs against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Pittsburgh. I’ve already talked about this game last week so I just want to reintegrate I think Pittsburgh will win. I’ve watched a few of Gerrit Cole’s starts against the Cubs this year and they can’t touch him. I’d bet he continues that brilliance even with him facing Arrieta. It might be only 1-0 game but I got the Pirates over the Cubs tomorrow night.


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