#68 NL wildcard game

It looks like the wildcard game will be the Cubs against the Pirates in Pittsburgh. I only say it looks that way because whether they play in Chicago or Pittsburgh could still change. However it would take a lot and it probably won’t happen so it looks like the Pirates have home field advantage for this play in game. While I’m writing this the Cubs are playing the Reds. I turned it on earlier and watched a couple innings, mainly because Javier Baez was playing and I love to watch him. So before I talk about the WC game I just want to mention a couple things I noticed about Baez today.

Like I said the Cubs had a day game today, Javier Baez was starting at third so I decided to watch a little. His defense at third is superb, but that isn’t the main thing I noticed. He has changed the load in his swing for the third (!!) time since his return to the majors. He went from just picking his toe up and putting it back down to his traditional big leg kick, I don’t like this one I think it causes too much movement in his swing, and today he went to a simple toe tap. That makes it three times in a few weeks, that’s called making adjustments folks. Now I might be a couple days late on this but I don’t watch the Cubs game everyday. But making adjustments on the fly like that is what the great players do. Just saying.

Fast forward to next Wednesday, I want to mention what I think about the wildcard game. It is already a sure thing that the game will be Cubs and Pirates, as to where that’s still up for grabs. But it will more than likely be Pittsburgh getting home field advantage. Strange things do happen in baseball so I wouldn’t guarantee it just yet. But either way I still see the Pirates winning it. Don’t get me wrong the Cubs are a good team but I don’t think they can beat Pittsburgh in this one game. The Cubs are in trouble facing Gerrit Cole, who has beaten them plenty, he is an ace and can beat them. And the Cubs aren’t sure who’s starting, Arrieta or Lester, I would personally go with Arrieta. Has pitched great all year and definitely deserves it. But I’d still go with Cole over anyone they throw out there.


2 thoughts on “#68 NL wildcard game

  1. Taylor says:

    You seriously betting against Arrieta, a possible Cy young winner this year who has put up historic numbers and almost no hit Pittsburgh last time out? I believe the Cubs beat Cole once…..I have to check.


    • I do yes he has beaten the plenty this they can’t touch him and honestly it might be Lester vs Cole. Lester has a 1.57 era against the Pirates this year but because Ross “has to” catch him you deplete a lot of the offense


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