#67 Nats dugout fight

To say the least I am embarrassed to be a Nats fan after the game Sunday. Unless you live under a rock you’ve probably seen it by now, Bryce Harper hit a pop fly to left field on the way back to the dugout Jonathan Papelbon started barking at him. At first Harper just brushed him off but Pap kept going and he got Harper to snap back in turn Pap lunged at Harper from the top step with his hand around Harp’s throat slammed him up against the wall of the dugout. Defenders of Papelbon are saying “Harper is a little punk” “shouldn’t be running his mouth” “he deserved it” all I can say is these people are stupid. I get it people hate Bryce Harper, I don’t see why but whatever, but Papelbon had no reason to do or say anything people are blinded by hate. I’ll explain what I think about this situation and more.

Let’s take it back to Wednesday or Thursday when the Nats faced the Orioles. Max Scherzer was the starting pitcher and gave up a homer to Manny Machado. You can say he stood there and admired it a little too long but it wasn’t ridiculous or anything I know it didn’t upset me at all. And Scherzer didn’t really care either but apparently Jonathan Papelbon was offended. So when he got in the game and got to face Machado, he threw the first pitch around his head (a no-no in baseball) didn’t hit him but eventually did hit him on the third pitch. Got ejected immediately which was deserved you don’t throw fastballs at their heads. But after the game is where the trouble started, in Harp’s post game interview he was asked about the Machado incident he said “it’s tired now I’ll probably get hit tomorrow because of that”. Of course the media took it as he called out his teammate without saying his name, I’m sure that’s how Jonathan Papelbon took it as well. I’m a thousand percent sure Papelbon was sitting at the top of the dugout getting on Harp’s case after every single at bat since saying that “you should’ve of did this”or “you should’ve done that”. After every at bat just waiting for Harper to react so he could attack him. What kind of teammate does that? Harper was having a bad day at the plate, everyone who has played baseball gets it you get so unbelievably mad when you have a day like that I specifically remember in little league being on the verge of tears after I got out (I was 10 leave me alone) I wasn’t mad at the other team or the umpires I was mad at myself I knew I could do better. I can guarantee that is exactly how Harper felt and if you’re a good teammate you know you shouldn’t say anything right then it can wait until after the game. Maybe if it came from a true teammate like Ian Desmond or Ryan Zimmerman, instead of a relief pitcher who has been there less than two months, maybe Harper would of reacted differently. Also now I’m 100% sure Matt Williams will be fired after this year, claiming he didn’t see the incident he allowed Jonathan Papelbon to pitch the next half inning, to make it better he gave up 5 runs and lost the game for the Nats. I hope neither are back next year. After the game, during the post game interviews Harper said “it’s like brothers fighting”, that might be true for the fights between teammates who spend 8 months a year together. But not some guy the team just picked up a month ago, I have brothers I don’t recall grabbing their throat and trying to slam them against the wall, not your “brother” don’t even call him a teammate.


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