#66 Yogi Berra/the Nats/Byron Buxton

I couldn’t think of anything to write a whole post about today so I figured I’ll just take a few stories and mash them together.

Tuesday night the baseball world lost a legend. Hall of famer Yogi Berra passed away Tuesday at the tender age of 90. He definitely lived a full and happy life he will be sorely missed. If I had the chance I would love to sit down and have a legitimate conversation with Yogi just talking baseball. From what I understand he knew plenty about baseball and then some more, might of talked like a crazy person but he was definitely a great baseball mind. His “Yogisms” will live on in this game forever. RIP Yogi Berra.

I am not too happy with the Nats right now. So the Mets are now sliding like I predicted, lost 2 in a row to the Braves, but the Nats are losing too. If the Nationals actually won the last 2 nights they’d be within 4.5 games of the division. Yes, I still think the Mets will slide and the Nats will eventually win the NL east. You guys have to win now and make up these games while you can. I still have faith lets go Nats.

And lastly, Byron Buxton has seriously struggled in the majors so far. Only hitting .197 with no homers over his first 115+ at bats. I have watched a few Twins games just to check in on him and I see a ton of potential in everything he does. He has the potential to be legitimate 5 tool player, there isn’t too many of those around. Because, in today’s game the fans are so quick to judge, I’ve heard people call him a bust already. Way too early for that, he was rated the number 1 prospect (ahead of Bryant and Correa) for a reason, stop worrying just give him some time he’ll turn it on.


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