#65 Starlin Castro/Harper vs Trout

Over the weekend I heard about Starlin Castro supposedly hitting a lot better since he moved to second base. I decided to watch the Cubs game so I could study Castro and find out first hand what he changed. I’ll present my findings in a minute, first I want to mention the Bryce Harper vs Mike Trout thing. Obviously the last few years people simply wouldn’t shut up with the comparisons of Bryce Harper to Mike Trout. It was honestly super annoying, because Mike Trout got to the league and hit his stride immediately and Bryce Harper took a couple years. But still comparing them so soon didn’t make sense to me, as a Harper fan I knew this player was coming and I’m not surprised at all by his success. But I’m not saying “suck it Trout” no I still don’t think you should compare them, they’re both still playing. If you want to compare them to past greats, go nuts, I don’t like hearing Trout vs Harper. I have to mention Ken Rosenthal, who wrote a good article about this subject a while back that really put it in perspective for me. Rosenthal wrote about Trout vs Harper but did he compare them to each other? No. How about to past players? Nope. He compared them to cars. He said Mike Trout, due to him getting out of the gates so quick, was like a nice sports car. He compared Harper to a big semi truck, might be a little hard to get him going but once he does everybody watch out nothing will get in his way. Genius.

Like I said earlier I watched a Cubs game not for Russell, Bryant, or Schwarber, but so I could get my eyes on Castro. I’ve heard that he was hitting so much better, including having a 2 homer game, since he moved to second base. I honestly believe it was a little too late, I watched Starlin Castro at short and he was pretty bad defensively but better than usual. Russell was clearly the better shortstop but for whatever reason they kept Castro at short. I didn’t get why at all, if they made this switch earlier there isn’t a doubt in my mind Addison Russell would be in the running for a gold glove. Sorry getting off topic. Anyways what I noticed from Castro is that he closed his stance a little, and lowered his leg kick, and cut down the movement in his swing. Just little adjustments like this can change a players whole outlook. He can probably see the ball better with the new stance, in turn he’s swinging easy and a different Starlin Castro. For now at least.


2 thoughts on “#65 Starlin Castro/Harper vs Trout

  1. Taylor says:

    They kept Castro at short for the trade value. I think they figured a SS would get then more value. He is as good as gone still….maybe he finds his way to a consistent .300 avg somewhere. Although he doesn’t walk enough to carry a high avg.


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