#64 Anthony Rizzo trade

I already know Cub fans won’t be happy about this post. This is my honest opinion about Anthony Rizzo. Before I start just know I like and respect Anthony Rizzo I am by no means a Rizzo hater. Just want to talk about the Cubs trading for him. Couldn’t really figure out anything to write about today so decided on this because I’ve been thinking about it for awhile now that the Cubs are back in contention.

First, let’s take it back to January of 2012 Cubs trade 2008 first round pick, Andrew Cashner (and a prospect) to the Padres for then 22 year old first baseman Anthony Rizzo (and a prospect). Both of the prospects traded haven’t really did anything yet so it was basically Cashner for Rizzo. I just want to look back on it and I really don’t think the Cubs got that great of a deal. Yes I know Cub fans probably don’t agree but hear me out. So Anthony Rizzo, good first baseman, good power, good plate discipline and probably gold glove caliber. Now Andrew Cashner, top of the rotation arm, throws 96-98 mph with good off speed stuff. Here’s my point, are the Cubs really better off now making this trade? My answer is no here’s why, what is the Cubs weakness for 2015 and probably 2016 as well? Pitching period. Not just the rotation, after Lester and Arrieta there’s nothing, the bulpen has been shaky as well. If everything happened like it has except for that trade I think they’d be better off. Cashner would be an awesome number 3 but if you wanted him in the ‘pen he’d be a lights out closer who threw 100 mph with ease. No offense to Rizzo but it’s not hard to be a good defensive first baseman. Don’t get me wrong you can’t just throw anybody over there, what I’m saying is it’s teachable and they just have to learn it. If you remember it took Rizzo a few years to hit his stride both offensively and defensively. My point is Kris Bryant would be way better at first it might take him a couple years to be gold glove caliber, and yes I think he could be a gold glover at first, but he’s only 23. Kyle Schwarber would probably make a pretty good first baseman as well and he’s only 22. The offense would be as good as it is now plus you have either a lights out closer or a good rotation arm in Andrew Cashner. Anthony Rizzo is a good first baseman but personally I think keeping Cashner could’ve worked out better for the Cubs. Just my two cents on the Rizzo trade that brought him to Chicago.


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