#63 David Ortiz

Over the weekend David Ortiz hit his 500th career homer. Ever since steroids it kind of diminished the importance of 500 homers but it’s still an impressive number to reach. So today I feel like talking about David Ortiz and his hall of fame chances. Even though this post might sound like I’m a David Ortiz hater I’m not, well I guess I kind of am. Anyways before I start I just have to give a congratulations to Ortiz on number 500.

On Saturday David Ortiz hit two homers, number 499 and number 500. Like I said earlier since the steroid era the 500th homer isn’t as important as it use to be. Its an impressive number still but before steroids is was an automatic induction into the hall of fame if you hit 500. But now if you’re are even from the steroid era or even close to it and have good numbers its almost an assumption you used. I know David Ortiz isn’t strictly in the steroid era but towards the beginning of his career it was towards the end of the big steroid era. There will always be cheaters in baseball they will never completely abolish steroids. It’s sad but true, these players get paid so much it’s almost worth it to use, for the low integrity players. They cheat, get suspended for 50 games, then turn around and get 8+ million dollars to play baseball. Also while I’m talking about steroids, Red Sox fans probably won’t admit it, but David Ortiz has failed drug tests before. I’m not saying he’s a cheater (well…) but there’s evidence out there that says he tried to take something banned by the MLB and got caught in the process. And to his hall of fame chances I’d say they’ are about 0-5%. First it’s his failed drug test history that of course knocks him down a lot. Second he has primarily been a DH throughout his entire career. There isn’t a DH in the HOF and probably won’t be for awhile. If Edgar Martinez, best DH of all time, finally breaks the DH barrier down and gets into the hall then maybe Ortiz will have a chance. However the failed drug tests might hurt him too much I still say 0-5%. Obviously that means I don’t think he’ll be a first ballot HOFer, not even close to first ballot but I think eventually he might have a 0-5% chance of getting in.


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