#62 the Nationals

Before I begin with the Nats just know I’m a little chapped after getting swept by the Mets. So I apologize if this post seems a little angry. I can already feel my blood pressure rising. Tell me how you can lose 3 straight games, that actually matter I might add, when you have a lead in every one? This doesn’t mean I don’t think the Nats won’t win the NL east. Too much talent on this team I still expect a big run and I don’t see anything that would make me think the Mets could run away with it.

First and foremost, before I get to Matt Williams and the Nats, I have to mention Bryce Harper. Also known as the future NL MVP. Harper hit another 2 homers last night bringing his total to 36 on the season. Let’s not forget he’s also hitting .336 all the while seeing 30% strikes. Barry Bonds (cheater I know) usually saw 40-50% because people were too scared too pitch to him. It was actually impressive to watch Bonds, yes he cheated and I don’t like him on a personal level but you got to give credit when credit is due. The only knock on Harper is he only 85 rbis. But rbis are a product of the players environment and whose hitting in front of them. Look at Nolan Arenado and Paul Goldschmidt both have a lot of rbis, both in hitters park, both in good hitting lineups even though their teams suck. I just don’t like that people are using rbis as a knock on Harp. Just look at these numbers, .336 average, .467 on base percentage, .657 slugging percentage those are crazy numbers. He’d be in the triple crown hunt if people actually got on base in front of him. The Nats probably wouldn’t even be over .500 if it wasn’t for Bryce Harper. MVP.

Now time to raise my blood pressure. Before the game yesterday I knew Matt Williams was already on the hot seat but after last night I’m 90% sure he’ll be fired after the season. Yes, Williams won the NL manager of the year last season as a rookie manager but that doesn’t mean he can’t be fired. The team was incredibly successful mainly because, unlike this year they were healthy. I like Williams but I’ve noticed more and more that he’s actually not a good manager. He’s pretty bad when it comes to managing the bulpen, the Nats don’t have a horrible bulpen contrary to popular belief. The arms are good they just have to put in the right position to succeed. It seems, to me at least, that Williams just brings in the same guys time after time. Even with expanded rosters you have more options than just a handful of guys who are probably tired of being put into situations where failure is probable. Because of that is why I think he’ll be fired, last year he kept going to Rafiel Soriano even though he was blowing saves and had a high era. Eventually Williams replaced Soriano with Drew Storen but that was towards the end of the year I just think he held onto Soriano a little too long. Coincidentally I think he’s holding onto Storen too long this year. Storen has an era over 9.00 in his last 15 games so why does he keep pitching in big situations? Last year with Soriano he got away with it because the team was so good it didn’t affect much. But this year the team has been injury plagued and every game counts right now. Pitch Storen in the blowouts, get his confidence back stop putting him in these high pressure spots. Otherwise Matt Williams you got to go.


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