#61 Matt Harvey/the Mets

Today I have a bone to pick with Matt Harvey and his agent. Before I get to that bone I’ll mention the Mets as a whole. So yesterday started the first of two 3 game series with the Nationals that probably will eventually decide the winner of the NL east. I was almost certain the Nats were going to win yesterday but once again, Matt Williams left the starter in too long and of course the bulpen is shaky. You have to make the right bulpen moves at the right time otherwise it’s problematic. I could rant on about the Nats but I’ll have to dedicate a whole post to that. The rest of this series the Mets are sending Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom to the mound. And they have to face Jordan Zimmermann and Stephen Strasburg. Those are some intense pitching matchups however, might be a little biased, I give the edge to the Nationals in the 2 remaining games of this series.

Now it’s time to rant about Matt Harvey. On Friday, I believe it was, Matt Harvey himself comes out and says “I have an innings cap of 180 then I’m shutting down”. The next day or so Matt Harvey himself posted on Derek Jeters players’ tribune. The players’ tribune is a blog that professional athletes use to post about themselves or about their sports. Derek Jeter is credited with the idea for this. Anyways Matt Harvey posted on there about his situation and basically said his agent, Scott Boras, said he should cap off at 180. Yes, you should always take it easy the first year after Tommy John surgery and I have no problem with having a 180 innings cap. I have a problem with him coming out and saying he’s going to shut down after 180 when he’s already pitched 166. At the beginning of the season I can promise you he or Scott Boras said absolutely nothing about having an innings limit this year. Stephen Strasburg in ’12 had an innings limit of 180 too but he just kept his mouth shut and just did his time. Now the Nationals could of handled the Strasburg situation better but that wasn’t his problem he just went out there and pitched. By the way Strasburg and Harvey are both Boras clients. I didn’t hear from Boras during the Strasburg situation either. Matt Harvey handled this whole situation horribly not very professional if you ask me. Scott Boras, who likes to take his clients to free agency no matter what, said “if you pitch him over 180 innings you’re jeopardizing his health for the future”. Sandy Alderson, the Mets GM, had the best response he said “why does the future matter? If we protect this player now and then you just pull the rug out from under us in a couple years when he’s a free agent? After all we did to protect him”. I’m not a “Boras fan” so I loved this response.


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