#60 Corey Seager

One of the bigger prospects in the game is finally getting his deserved call up. Corey Seager, number 2 overall prospect, is getting promoted to the majors a couple days after rosters expanded to 40. He is a shortstop/third baseman and he will be a starter soon (probably at SS in 2016) but he will probably be a backup right now. The Dodgers regular third baseman, Justin Turner, hurt his hand/finger last night and they didn’t really have a backup. At shortstop they don’t really have anyone behind Jimmy Rollins either, so on comes Seager who can play both.

Corey Seager is one of the better prospects because he does everything smoothly. I don’t like comparing a 21 year old prospect to a hall of famer but sometimes it fits. I would throw Cal Ripkin Jr. Out there as a comp for Seager. Am I saying Seager will play over 2100 games straight? Of course not. Ripkin’s record for consecutive games will never be touched. I’m saying that Corey Seager is like Ripkin when you look solely at his toolset. Like Ripkin, Seager is big for a shortstop (6’4″) but isn’t a bad fielder at short however he’s likely to end up at third. Also like Ripkin, Seager isn’t a flashy player but gets everything done the right way. I saw him in the Arizona fall league and I wasn’t too impressed however you could tell he is going to be good just by looking at him and watching him swing the bat. He has a very fluid left handed swing with good bat speed to generate plenty of power. He had 37 doubles and 18 homers at AA and AAA this year. He also hit .293 so it’s not like he is just another all or nothing power bat. If you haven’t realized Corey Seager shares a last name with the Mariners Kyle Seager. That would be because they are bothers, Kyle Seager is a very good and a very underrated third baseman also very consistent up in Seattle. This is one of those rare cases where the younger brother is actually better than the older brother.

I’m not 100% sure that Corey Seager will be in the lineup tonight but if he starts my prediction is 1-4 with an extra base hit, most likely a double.


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