#59 Jake Arieta

I’m a little busy today so this post might be a tad short. I just want to mention Jake Arieta’s no hitter on Sunday night. It was the first no hitter on Sunday night baseball ever. It was pretty impressive but I want to talk more about Arieta than his no-no so before I start just want to throw a congratulations out to Jake Arieta.

Before there was Jake Arieta the pitcher for the Cubs there was Jake Arieta prospect in the Orioles system. A prospect with a mid 90’s fastball and a good curveball but for whatever reason he couldn’t figure it out in the majors. Then he went to the Cubs in the Scott Feldman trade (Cubs got the better end of that deal) and figured it out like turning on a switch. When he got to Chicago the pitching coach or someone changed his delivery and taught him how to throw a cutter. Since then lights out you can look it up he’s stats with the Cubs are pretty good. It doesn’t surprise me, or the “experts”, at all that he threw a no hitter. Has always had the stuff to be a good pitcher in the majors just had to figure out how to pitch instead of throw. At 29 Jake Arieta isn’t just a young kid that figured it out he’s a late bloomer. Cubs thought they could fix something and gave him a chance now they have a dark horse candidate for the 2015 NL Cy Young award.


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