#58 Stephen Strasburg/Javier Baez

Yes, I feel the need to talk about Strasburg yet again. He’s my favorite pitcher I feel like talking about him when he does something. I just want to mention his start Tuesday night and his recent greatness. I want to talk a little about Javier Baez who also has found his stroke recently at AAA. Well I shouldn’t say recently he has been hitting good all year at triple A Iowa.

Before I get to what Stras did on Tuesday night that impressed me let me mention his recent starts. Stephen Strasburg is 5-1 with a microscopic 1.51 era in his last 7 starts, just so you know that was even before he came back from the DL the second time. He has just simply been pitching like himself. Strasburg is usually a better second half pitcher so it’s not too much of a surprise. But what he did Tuesday night really impressed me. Stras is usually 96-97 with ease and around 80 with his curve and then around 88 with his change up. Not to mention the break he has on his off speed that’s obviously nasty. What he did on Tuesday was up his fastball a tick so he was sitting 97-98 touching 99. If it wasn’t for Jed Gyorko that guessed first pitch fastball and drove a 98 mph fastball out of the park, he probably wouldn’t have given up any runs. Also he upped his fastball without changing his breaking stuff at all. He has lowered his era from over 6.00 to 4.14 in these last handful of starts.

Now let’s get to Javier Baez. He was one of my favorite prospects while coming threw the Cubs system, most of Cub nation has written him off after he’s struggles last year. I’m here to tell you that’s definitely too fast to call him a bust. Most Cub fans don’t realize this, he was actually brought up to the majors too early and management planned on him struggling. Baez throughout his minor league career has been called up to a new league struggled for a month or two then all of a sudden he’s hotter than a firecracker. Management thought if they brought him up early so he could struggle now he’d be ready by the start of the 2015 season. It obviously didn’t work out the way they planned but trust me he’s far from a bust. Last 14 games at AAA? Just a .397 average with his usual good power. Watch out for Javier Baez.


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