#57 Yoenis Cespedes/Mike Fiers

Over the weekend a few things happened that I could talk about but I decided just to mention a couple. Funny that both happened on Friday but both still interesting enough to write about now. Yoenis Cespedes had himself quite a day at the plate blasting 3 homers in Colorado. A little bit south Mike Fiers pitched an impressive no hitter in Texas. But before I get to them I just want to mention a top prospect that made his debut over the weekend for Nationals, Trea Turner. He hasn’t really done anything yet, hasn’t even started a game yet but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t impressed me. He’s a shortstop, some scouts say he’ll move to second, I personally haven’t seen anything to make me think that. Not a bad fielder at short with absolutely ridiculous speed. In his first at bat he hit a routine grounder to short and nearly beat it out. So close that it was reviewed called out though. 2014 first round pick, not a bad hitter, probably a good hitter, with that speed Nats found the shortstop after Ian Desmond.

First up, Yoenis Cespedes big day for New York. He hit 3 home runs in the game on Friday against the Rockies. And they weren’t just wall scrapers or anything they were kind of impressive shots. One to straight away right field, one to right center, and one to dead center. So it wasn’t like he was just pulling homers right down the line. He was actually getting ahold of them and shooting them the other way. It’s not a surprise that Yoenis Cespedes had good day at Coors Field. He has always been super talented he just doesn’t get the opportunity to hit in too many hitters ballparks so far in his career. Still not scared of the Mets by the way even though they added Cespedes and just got David Wright back. Don’t count the Nats out yet.

Probably the bigger of the two stories was Mike Fiers no hitter down in Houston also on Friday. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure he threw 134 (!) pitches during this no-no. That was pretty impressive in itself you don’t see a pitcher throw so many pitches too often these days. Another impressive fact is that it wasn’t against a bad offensive team that he threw against. He allowed no hits to a pretty stacked Dodger team. Of course it was a no hitter I liked it, but I liked the post game interview as well. When asked about the heavy pitch count Fiers said “I didn’t care I was feeling it I would’ve thrown 200 if I had to”. That’s a good response. Congratulations to Mike Fiers.


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