#56 Greg Bird/the Cubs

Yesterday gave me plenty to write about but I narrowed it down to two things. Greg Bird, rookie first baseman for the Yankees, had a pretty good day at the plate with 2 homers. So I want to talk about him a little bit. The Cubs have gotten their butts whooped the last couple nights by the Detroit Tigers. I just want to mention them and maybe bring some Cub fans back to reality. But first I just got to mention the Nationals before I start. They have won the first 2 games in the series in Colorado, yes I know it’s just the Rockies but I’m pretty happy about it. It’s not that they’re are winning, which is good of course, but I’m really excited that they’re actually hitting. More specifically it’s not just Bryce Harper like it has been all year so far. They scored 15 runs on Tuesday night and only 3 yesterday but that’s 18 runs in 2 games 9 runs a night? I’m good with that.

I went to Arizona last year for the Arizona fall league. I would watch it on TV if I didn’t go so I would’ve seen Greg Bird either way. It was a prospect I knew about very little about all I knew about Bird was that he was prototypical first baseman and was a left handed hitter. Then I saw him in the fall league, he kind of surprised me he ended up winning the MVP of the fall league. He has a very simple yet powerful left handed stroke probably won’t hit for a high average but will generate plenty of power, especially in Yankee stadium. Still pretty young, he’s only 22, and it doesn’t look like Mark Teixeira is quite done but Greg Bird will be waiting in the wings.

I only have a couple things to say about the Cubs so I’ll try not to ramble on. The Cubs have been playing good the last couple weeks I just want to to talk about what I see. Cub fans might not like it but it’s just how I see it. I see a good hitting offense which I saw coming back in the offseason and back then (and still do) predicted them as a little above .500 and that puts them possibly fighting for the second wild card. I don’t see this pace of being the third best team in the NL keeping up. I think it was a good stretch but I don’t see it happening again. They do have a good offense but they are a below average defensive team. And not to mention the pitching, besides Jake Arieta, has been pretty awful all year. If you want to continue being good you have to pitch period. Let’s look ahead, if they actually make it past the wild card game who’s pitching in a series? Already used Lester or Arieta in the WC game. Got one good pitcher left but then who? I get it Cub fans are excited the team is actually legitimate contenders for the first time in years. Just calm your horses I don’t think the pitching will hold up I predict 86-88 wins.


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