#55 Mookie Betts/Hanley Ramirez

Now that this a Tuesday and Thursday blog I thought if I took a couple days in between postings something is bound to happen. Not the case. I could talk about the Nats struggling still, but I recently talked about that so I decided not to. The only thing that popped into my head was how Hanley Ramirez is in left field for the Red Sox. For whatever reason that is.

If you noticed Mookie Betts name is in the headline too. I want to mention how I feel bad for Mookie because the Sox decided to put Hanley in the outfield. Betts, a 22 year old second year player, is still learning how to play center field. Was a second baseman in the minors but obviously Dustin Pedroia has that position locked down. Betts being the good athlete he is moved to center without skipping a beat. But once they signed Hanley Ramirez I knew it would not be good from the start. Hanley Ramirez was a third baseman playing shortstop to begin with and then when Florida/Miami moved him over to third he got super lazy didn’t even act like he wanted to play. So they traded him to the Dodgers who played him at short and lived with his mediocre defense because he could hit. Now in Boston he’s getting payed 20 million dollars to play an extremely lazy left field. Poor Mookie Betts he has to play center field and left field.


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