#54 Hisashi Iwakuma/Rizzo catch

I think I might keep this as a Tuesday/Thursday thing it might work out. I have seriously ran out of things to talk about every single day that I haven’t talked about already. It’s hard, things still run through my head I never stop thinking about baseball but it’s tough to find something to write a whole blog post about. Anyway today I’m going to talk a little about Hisashi Iwakuma’s no hitter in Seattle yesterday and a little about Anthony Rizzo’s ridiculous catch last night.

Hisashi Iwakuma threw the fifth no hitter of the season yesterday afternoon. There isn’t too much to talk about when it comes to this particular no-no. Iwakuma isn’t a power pitcher or anything, around 90 mph, he really had to spot his pitches well in order for this to happen. Aside from it being a no hitter it was also his first complete game. That pretty impressive especially with him being a free agent after this season, just increased his value.

By now everyone has probably seen the Anthony Rizzo catch from last night. In case you didn’t here’s what happened, Ryan Braun popped up over by the first base dugout there was tarp there so Rizzo couldn’t reach a couple rows into the stands and snag it like some do. So Rizzo jumped up on the tarp stepped on the wall caught the ball and ended 3 rows deep into the crowd. Amazing catch don’t get me wrong but my question is why did that count? I did not know you can basically get up on the wall and step into the crowd to catch the ball? I get leaning over to catch a foul ball or robbing a homer but that’s literally like an outfielder standing on top of the wall to rob a homer. Good job to Rizzo I just didn’t know it was allowed.


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